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amixer -V (return code: 1)

amixer version 1.1.0
amixer --help (return code: 0)

Usage: amixer <options> [command]

Available options:
  -h,--help       this help
  -c,--card N     select the card
  -D,--device N   select the device, default 'default'
  -d,--debug      debug mode
  -n,--nocheck    do not perform range checking
  -v,--version    print version of this program
  -q,--quiet      be quiet
  -i,--inactive   show also inactive controls
  -a,--abstract L select abstraction level (none or basic)
  -s,--stdin      Read and execute commands from stdin sequentially
  -R,--raw-volume Use the raw value (default)
  -M,--mapped-volume Use the mapped volume

Available commands:
  scontrols       show all mixer simple controls
  scontents   show contents of all mixer simple controls (default command)
  sset sID P      set contents for one mixer simple control
  sget sID        get contents for one mixer simple control
  controls        show all controls for given card
  contents        show contents of all controls for given card
  cset cID P      set control contents for one control
  cget cID        get control contents for one control


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