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alsactl --version (return code: 0)

alsactl version 1.1.0
alsactl --help (return code: 0)

Usage: alsactl <options> command

global options:
  -h,--help        this help
  -d,--debug       debug mode
  -v,--version     print version of this program

Available state options:
  -f,--file #      configuration file (default /var/lib/alsa/asound.state)
  -l,--lock        use file locking to serialize concurrent access
  -L,--no-lock     do not use file locking to serialize concurrent access
  -O,--lock-state-file #  state lock file path (default /var/lock/asound.state.lock)
  -F,--force       try to restore the matching controls as much as possible
                     (default mode)
  -g,--ignore      ignore 'No soundcards found' error
  -P,--pedantic    do not restore mismatching controls (old default)
                   don't initialize even if restore fails
  -r,--runstate #  save restore and init state to this file (only errors)
                     default settings is 'no file set'
  -R,--remove      remove runstate file at first, otherwise append errors
  -p,--period #    store period in seconds for the daemon command
  -e,--pid-file #  pathname for the process id (daemon mode)

Available init options:
  -E,--env #=#     set environment variable for init phase (NAME=VALUE)
  -i,--initfile #  main configuation file for init phase
                     (default /usr/share/alsa/init/00main)
  -b,--background  run daemon in background
  -s,--syslog      use syslog for messages
  -n,--nice #      set the process priority (see 'man nice')
  -c,--sched-idle  set the process scheduling policy to idle (SCHED_IDLE)

Available commands:
  store     <card>  save current driver setup for one or each soundcards
                      to configuration file
  restore   <card>  load current driver setup for one or each soundcards
                      from configuration file
  nrestore  <card>  like restore, but notify the daemon to rescan soundcards
  init      <card>  initialize driver to a default state
  daemon    <card>  store state periodically for one or each soundcards
  rdaemon   <card>  like daemon but do the state restore at first
  kill      <cmd>   notify daemon to quit, rescan or save_and_quit
  monitor   <card>  monitor control events


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