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al2 --version (return code: 0)

Mono Assembly Linker (al.exe) version
al2 --help (return code: 0)

Mono Assembly Linker (al.exe) version
Usage: al [options] [sources]
Options: ('/out' must be specified)

  /? or /help               Display this usage message
  @<filename>               Read response file for more options
  /algid:<id>               Algorithm used to hash files (in hexadecimal)
  /base[address]:<addr>     Base address for the library
  /bugreport:<filename>     Create a 'Bug Report' file
  /comp[any]:<text>         Company name
  /config[uration]:<text>   Configuration string
  /copy[right]:<text>       Copyright message
  /c[ulture]:<text>         Supported culture
  /delay[sign][+|-]         Delay sign this assembly
  /descr[iption]:<text>     Description
  /e[vidence]:<filename>    Security evidence file to embed
  /fileversion:<version>    Optional Win32 version (overrides assembly version)
  /flags:<flags>            Assembly flags  (in hexadecimal)
  /fullpaths                Display files using fully-qualified filenames
  /keyf[ile]:<filename>     File containing key to sign the assembly
  /keyn[ame]:<text>         Key container name of key to sign assembly
  /main:<method>            Specifies the method name of the entry point
  /nologo                   Suppress the startup banner and copyright message
  /out:<filename>           Output file name for the assembly manifest
  /prod[uct]:<text>         Product name
  /productv[ersion]:<text>  Product version
  /t[arget]:lib[rary]       Create a library
  /t[arget]:exe             Create a console executable
  /t[arget]:win[exe]        Create a Windows executable
  /template:<filename>      Specifies an assembly to get default options from
  /title:<text>             Title
  /trade[mark]:<text>       Trademark message
  /v[ersion]:<version>      Version (use * to auto-generate remaining numbers)
  /win32icon:<filename>     Use this icon for the output
  /win32res:<filename>      Specifies the Win32 resource file

Sources: (at least one source input is required)
  <filename>[,<targetfile>] add file to assembly
                            embed the file as a resource in the assembly
                            link the file as a resource to the assembly


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