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aha --version (return code: 0)

 [1;31mAnsi Html Adapter [0m Version
aha --help (return code: 0)

 [1;31mAnsi Html Adapter [0m Version
 [1maha [0m takes SGR-colored Input and prints W3C conform HTML-Code
use:  [1maha [0m < [4moptions [0m> [ [4m-f file [0m]
      [1maha [0m ( [4m--help [0m| [4m-h [0m| [4m-? [0m)
 [1maha [0m reads the Input from a file or stdin and writes HTML-Code to stdout
 [4moptions [0m: --black,      -b:  [1;30m [1;47mBlack [0m Background and  [1;37mWhite [0m "standard color"
         --pink,       -p:  [1;35mPink [0m Background
         --stylesheet, -s: Use a stylesheet instead of inline styles
         --iso X,    -i X: Uses ISO 8859-X instead of utf-8. X must be 1..16
         --title X,  -t X: Gives the html output the title "X" instead of
                           "stdin" or the filename
         --line-fix,   -l: Uses a fix for inputs using control sequences to
                           change the cursor position like htop. It's a hot fix,
                           it may not work with any program like htop. Example:
                            [1mecho [0m q |  [1mhtop [0m |  [1maha [0m -l > htop.htm
         --word-wrap,  -w: Wrap long lines in the html file. This works with
                           CSS3 supporting browsers as well as many older ones.
         --no-header,  -n: Don't include header into generated HTML,
                           useful for inclusion in full HTML files.
Example:  [1maha [0m --help |  [1maha [0m --black > aha-help.htm
         Writes this help text to the file aha-help.htm

Copyleft  [1;32mAlexander Matthes [0m aka  [4mZiz [0m 2015
          [5;36mzizsdl@googlemail.com [0m
          [5;36mhttp://ziz.delphigl.com/tool_aha.php [0m
This application is subject to the  [1;34mMPL [0m or  [1;34mLGPL [0m.


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