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agetty --version (return code: 0)

agetty from util-linux 2.27.1
agetty --help (return code: 0)

 agetty [options] <line> [<baud_rate>,...] [<termtype>]
 agetty [options] <baud_rate>,... <line> [<termtype>]

Open a terminal and set its mode.

 -8, --8bits                assume 8-bit tty
 -a, --autologin <user>     login the specified user automatically
 -c, --noreset              do not reset control mode
 -E, --remote               use -r <hostname> for login(1)
 -f, --issue-file <file>    display issue file
 -h, --flow-control         enable hardware flow control
 -H, --host <hostname>      specify login host
 -i, --noissue              do not display issue file
 -I, --init-string <string> set init string
 -J  --noclear              do not clear the screen before prompt
 -l, --login-program <file> specify login program
 -L, --local-line[=<mode>]  control the local line flag
 -m, --extract-baud         extract baud rate during connect
 -n, --skip-login           do not prompt for login
 -N  --nonewline            do not print a newline before issue
 -o, --login-options <opts> options that are passed to login
 -p, --login-pause          wait for any key before the login
 -r, --chroot <dir>         change root to the directory
 -R, --hangup               do virtually hangup on the tty
 -s, --keep-baud            try to keep baud rate after break
 -t, --timeout <number>     login process timeout
 -U, --detect-case          detect uppercase terminal
 -w, --wait-cr              wait carriage-return
     --nohints              do not print hints
     --nohostname           no hostname at all will be shown
     --long-hostname        show full qualified hostname
     --erase-chars <string> additional backspace chars
     --kill-chars <string>  additional kill chars
     --chdir <directory>    chdir before the login
     --delay <number>       sleep seconds before prompt
     --nice <number>        run login with this priority
     --reload               reload prompts on running agetty instances
     --help                 display this help and exit
     --version              output version information and exit

For more details see agetty(8).


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