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afm2afm -V (return code: 2)

[ERROR] can't open 'version': No such file or directory at /usr/bin/afm2afm line 92.
afm2afm --help (return code: 1)

    afm2afm [-help] [-encoding *encodingfile*] [-kpx *kpxfile*] [-output
            *outputfile*] afmfile

Options and Arguments:
        Print a short description of the syntax

    -encoding *encodingfile*
        Re-encode to the enconding in *encodingfile*

    -kpx *kpxfile*
        Read additional kerning pairs from *kpxfile* and add these to the
        output. This option cannot be used to override values from the input
        afm file, since afm2afm will write both old and new values to the

        The *kpxfile* should contain kerning data in standard afm format,
        i.e. for each kerning pair there should be a line

            KPX <left_glyph> <right_glyph> <amount>

        All other lines in the *kpxfile* are ignored.

    -output *outputfile*
        Write the result to *outputfile* instead of "stdout".

        The afm file to be re-encoded.

    You may use either one or two dashes before options, and option names
    may be shortened to a unique prefix.


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