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acpid --version (return code: 0)

acpid --help (return code: 1)

Usage: acpid [OPTIONS]
  -c, --confdir      Set the configuration directory.
  -C, --clientmax    Set the limit on non-root socket connections.
  -d, --debug        Increase debugging level (implies -f).
  -e, --eventfile    Use the specified file for events.
  -f, --foreground   Run in the foreground.
  -l, --logevents    Log all event activity.
  -g, --socketgroup  Set the group on the socket file.
  -m, --socketmode   Set the permissions on the socket file.
  -s, --socketfile   Use the specified socket file.
  -S, --nosocket     Do not listen on a UNIX socket (overrides -s).
  -p, --pidfile      Use the specified PID file.
  -L, --lockfile     Use the specified lockfile to stop processing.
  -n, --netlink      Force netlink/input layer mode. (overrides -e)
  -r, --dropaction   Define the pseudo-action to drop an event.
  -t, --tpmutefix    Fixup for ThinkPad mute-repeat behaviour.
  -v, --version      Print version information.
  -h, --help         Print this message.


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