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Oracle 12c Installation VM VirtualBox

If you are trying to setup a test environment to learn New Features of Oracle 12c Database or to hone your skills in managing it on Linux, Solaris or other OS environments, you can quickly have the host and the database ready for use in as short a time as 10 minutes. Unbelievable?
Just install the VirtualBox and download the Pre-Built templates and import them to create a VM VirtualBox machine. The OS is already installed, the 12c database configured and it starts up as soon as the Virtual Machine is bought to life.
No hassles with the pre-requisites or fulfilling other requirements. Just follow the simple steps below. Have a portable environment which you can have running on your Laptop!

Oracle VM VirtualBox Articles

Step by step guide to setup the Oracle VM VirtualBox and import the prebuilt template to quickly create a portable (on your laptop) testing environment in 10 minutes!
• Adding Disk Storage to Oracle VirtualBox
Need more space on your VirtualBox? Follow the instructions and use the drive space on your host machine to share space with the VM Virtual Box
• Connecting Applications from Desktop to your VirtualBox Database
If you are trying to connect between VirtualBox Machines or trying to setup the network to communicate from the Desktop to the VirtualBox machines, follow the simple to use instructions here


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