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Oracle 12C De-Supported & Deprecated Features

While it is important to be familiar with new features of Oracle 12c, it is imporatant to be aware of features which are either being de-supported or deprecated with this database version.

Single letter SRVCTL commands

SRVCTL has been enhanced to accept more meaningful and user-friendly keyword-style options instead of the single letter options. All new SRVCTL command line interface options added in this release support keyword-style options only and do not have single-letter equivalents. The previous style of using single-letter keyword options as existed in previous releases remain fully supported. In a future release, the singe-letter options may no longer be supported and customers may want to change their scripts to adapt the keyword-style command options.
Single-character options with Server Control (SRVCTL) utility commands
All SRVCTL commands have been enhanced to accept full-word options instead of the single-letter options. All new SRVCTL command options added in this release support full-word options only and do not have single-letter equivalents. The use of single-character options with SRVCTL commands might be desupported in a future release.
See “SRVCTL Command Reference for Oracle Restart” for further information.
The V$OBJECT_USAGE view is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) and maintained for backward compatibility. Support for this view may be removed in a future release. Oracle recommends that you use the USER_OBJECT_USAGE view instead of the V$OBJECT_USAGE view.

Stored outlines

are deprecated.
They are still supported for backward compatibility. However, Oracle recommends that you use SQL plan management instead. SQL plan management creates SQL plan baselines, which offer superior SQL performance stability compared with stored outlines.
See Oracle Database SQL Tuning Guide for more information about SQL plan management.

Deprecated Managed Standby Recovery Clauses

USING CURRENT LOGFILE Clause The USING CURRENT LOGFILE clause is deprecated. It invokes real-time apply during Redo Apply. However, this is now the default behavior and this clause is no longer useful.

Deprecation of catupgrd.sql Script

Introduction of New catctl.pl Utility
Oracle Database 12c introduces the new Parallel Upgrade Utility, catctl.pl. This utility replaces the catupgrd.sql script that was used in earlier releases. Although you can still use the catupgrd.sql script, it is deprecated starting with Oracle Database 12c and will be removed in future releases. Oracle recommends database upgrades be performed with the new Parallel Upgrade Utility, catctl.pl.

Deprecated Parameters

In Oracle Database 12c, some database parameters are deprecated.
To obtain a current list of deprecated parameters, run the following query in SQL*Plus:
SQL> SELECT name from v$parameter
WHERE isdeprecated = ‘TRUE’ ORDER BY name;
The query returns a list of the deprecated parameters as of the date and time that you run it. The following example shows the query results that appear:

Oracle Streams

Oracle Streams is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c and may be desupported and unavailable in a later Oracle Database release. Use Oracle GoldenGate to replace all replication features of Oracle Streams.

Advanced Replication

Oracle Database Advanced Replication is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c. Use Oracle GoldenGate to replace all features of Advanced Replication, including multimaster replication, updatable materialized views, hierarchical materialized views, and deployment templates.

Change to VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, and RAW Datatypes

Starting with Oracle Database 12c, the maximum size of the VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, and RAW datatypes has been increased to 32767 bytes when the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter is set to 12.0 and the MAX_STRING_SIZE initialization parameter is set to EXTENDED.
Desupport of Change Data Capture
Oracle Change Data Capture is not included in Oracle Database 12c and has been replaced with Oracle GoldenGate.
The IGNORECASE argument of ORAPWD and the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON system parameter are deprecated in Oracle Database 12c. By default, passwords in Oracle Database 12c are case sensitive.
8.4.1 Desupport of CSSCAN and CSALTER
With the introduction of Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU), Oracle is proceeding with the desupport of the legacy database tools, CSSCAN and CSALTER. DMU provides a complete end-to-end Unicode migration solution for database administrators. Starting with Oracle Database 12c, DMU is included with Oracle Database, and the CSSCAN and CSALTER tools are no longer included nor supported.
8.6.3 Desupport of Oracle Net Listener Password
In Oracle Database 12c, the Oracle Net Listener password feature is no longer supported. This does not cause a loss of security because authentication is enforced through local operating system authentication.
8.6.1 Desupport of Oracle Net Connection Pooling
In Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Net connection pooling is no longer supported. Oracle Net connection pooling was deprecated in Oracle Database 11g. This includes the DISPATCHERS attributes TICKS, SESSIONS, and CONNECTIONS.


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