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Oracle Cluster File System OCFS2 and download OCFS2

OCFS2 is a general purpose shared-disk cluster file system for Linux capable of providing both high performance and high availability. As it provides local file system semantics, it can be used with almost all applications. Cluster-aware applications can make use of cache-coherent parallel I/Os from multiple nodes to scale out applications easily. Other applications can make use of the file system facilities to fail-over running application in the event of a node failure.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) x86, x86-64, Itanium, and PowerPC
OCFS2 software can be downloaded from the https://oss.oracle.com/projects/ocfs2/files/RedHat/RHEL5/
Starting with RHEL6, Oracle will provide OCFS2 software on
 https://linux.oracle.com .
ULN requires an Oracle Linux support subscription, even for those customers using OCFS2 just to store database files


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