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DATA Moving to another hosting

You can move you installation, but you have to know a little about MySQL and PHP. If you don't have knowledge, the best it's install OSClass again.

Here the steps to move your OSClass installation:
    1 - Back up your database.
    2 - Download all your files (oc-admin, oc-content, oc-includes and the rest of the files in the root folder)
    3 - Upload your files to the new host
    4 - Restore your database.
    5 - Modify config.php file. Here there's a config.php sample:. Usually, the parameters that you would have to change:
        - DB_NAME
        - DB_USER
        - DB_PASSWORD
        - DB_HOST (the most common is localhost)
        - REL_WEB_URL and WEB_PATH: If you haven't changed the domain, it would be the same.


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