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Oracle Interviews Questions

1.How to detach oracle and attach oracle.
2.How will you remove oracle home from inventory details.
3.name some tuning parameters.
4.What is the purpose of exact,similar,force.
5.how will you apply stdby logs on stdby server. For some reason logs are not applied on stdby db.
6.when the tablespace is in begin backup mode, will you able to resize the datafile.
7.Difference betweeen LMT,DMT. Features of LMT.
8.what is the purpose of keep cache in SGA.
9.How will you pin a table to the buffer cache.
10.types of index.
11. there is a decode function in the where clause, what type of index will you choose.
12. difference between nested loops and hash join.
13. have you installed oracle in silent mode. What are the parameters that should be given in response file.
14. purpose of commit,buffer in imp
15. Purpose of consistent parameter in exp
16. Some questions on datapump
17.diff between cpu and psu.
18.logs are not moving from primary db to stdby db.how will you resolve this.
19.ASM - forgot the question
20.srvctl commands.
21. What is Clusterware ?
22. how many IP required for RAC configuration.
23.Before installing RAC, what are the checks that should be performed.
24. The dbbc size is 1 GB, the output of a table is 5 GB. How the data is retrieved from the database.
25.RAC ? GRD? name some bg process?.
26.Purpose of RBAL?
27.how will you list the disks in asm.
28.what is the rman command to restore the db to a different filesystem.
29.purpose of table_exists_action in dp.
30.checkpoint not complete in alert log file. What could be the issue.
31. Restored the db, need to apply the logs . how will you check whether my db is consistent or not.
32.various ways of collecting stats for a table. what is the difference between dbms_stats and analyze table.
33. what is the execution plan. how will you generate execution plan. how will you interpret the plan. On what basis you will provide the suggestion.
34.what is AWR.
36.how will you block corruption.different ways of identifying the block corruption.
37.purpose of #$
38. linux cmd to list the first 5 lines in a file
39. linux cmd to go the first letter in the file.
40.performance cmd to find in linux,solaris,aix (top,topas,sar).
41.while installing oracle, there are no enough space in /tmp directory. how will you overcome this.
42. purpose of undo_retention, undo_supress_errors.
43. In primary db, one filesystem is added. In stand by db it is not there. Will the logs be applied to the standby db
44. What is te purpose of FAL_server and fal_client.
45. Wy redos are generated while taking hot backup.
46.purpose of resumable parameter in oracle.
47.new features of 11g.
48.how will you start crs.


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