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wordpress plugins Profitable Dating Website Installed in Just 10 Minutes!


  • Cost is High compare to wpdating but wpdating will not support some time google map ALSO wp dating some bugs is there it told one russian guy.
  • Apps is much better compare to wpdating but not worst app wpdating
  • Over 20,000 customers use the AdvanDate Dating Software.

Go to : advandate 

User eCards:
Let your users send eCards to other members right from the bottom of the compose email section.
20,000 Profiles:
Make your dating site look busy and stand out with over 20,000 global dating profiles. Included in Professional and Developer Packages.
Photo Greetings:
Now your members can upload any type of media to a email that they send other users right from the bottom of the email.
Near Me:
Now your members can see other members that are near them. Uses Geo-IP to location profiles near a member.
Meet Me:
Now your members can scroll through member photos and pick and choose the members they want to meet.
Report Profile:
Members can now report other members to the admin. Once reported an admin can review the profile.
Live Video Chat:
Users can now chat live with other members with live video via their web cams. Requires add-on from flashcoms.com.
Dynamic Header:
Now when your users scroll down the page the menu navigation bar will stay at the top.
Stripe Gateway:
Stripe has been integrated into the dating software. Now there are 15 different gateways.


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