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User Review About advandate dating software

user 1:Diana Howell
Advant Date is very good. The customer service is super, they take care of whatever is going on right away. Rick designed my Facebook page and I just love it. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much Rick for such amazing service. So glad I chose your soft ware.
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User 2:Gina Jackson
Advandate is awesome! I wanted a certain photo for my site, I asked about it and BAM there it was!!! Fantastic customer support! Thank you!
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User 3:Dean Scott
EXCELLENT Customer Service Rick! It was my pleasure to start off our business relationship so well. You answered my questions, offered suggestions and certainly delivered on your promise of Exceptional Customer Service.
Looking forward to the Future!
User 4:Merryl Hinds-Tschoepe
It is a privilege to write a review for AdvanDate. It has been my experience that the customer service for this company is unparalleled. Within seconds of sending an email, I received a PHONE CALL. I've contacted the company several times during off hours, during the week-end and they ALWAYS respond! The quality of the product is excellent as well. I am currently working on creating my own site and I'm grateful that I chose AdvanDate. Rick has been superb in his responses, they are very fast and extremely helpful. I highly recommend AdvanDate to anyone who is thinking or planning on setting up their own dating site! Thanks AdvanDate...YOU GUY ROCK! 
User 5:Joseph Kinney
about 3 months agoJust got off 'chat' with support for the 1st time. Excellent service!! Quick response. Answered all questions fast and clear. Helped get this 'lame duck' out of the murky waters. Thanks again, mysterious typing person with all the answers.
User 6:Obinna Nwoke
Advant Date has great support team I have had these guys helping me even during the late hours. 5 thumbs UP
User 7:Joel Mayo
I have used Advandate's dating software for many years now and own more than 20 licenses. In my opinion they are the very best in the industry for their advanced full featured product, and their customer service is impeccable. I highly recommend Advandate over and above all other dating software solutions out there.
User 8:Erica Butler 
I give advandate 5 stars and if I could rate higher than that I would! The software is great but the support is excellent! The tech support team and Rick himself is very patient and walk me through everything I had a ton of questions and he answered each and every one and assisted me with all of my errors. I did a lot of research online prior to picking a software and even though I saw a ton of bad reviews i took a chance on this and I'm so glad that I did! I would recommend software to anyone. I'm sure there are a ton of other dating software out there however good customer service is very hard to find but I promise if you purchase Advandate you will not be disappointed either way 

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