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If somebody removed postmaster.pid file In postgreSql what will happened in postgres server ?

If somebody removed postmaster.pid file Server will be going to down becouse postgres server running based on postmaster.pid file so you need to start the server manually  after started the postgres server posmaster.pid file will be created automatically
[root@p1 data]# pwd
root@p1 data]# mv postmaster.pid  /home/
mv: overwrite `/home/postmaster.pid'? y

bash-3.2$ pg_ctl -D /opt/PostgreSQL/9.3/data/ status
pg_ctl: no server running

after started the postgres server postmaster process id will be varried see below example first one is old postmaster.pid file next is new postmaster.pid file
Old Postmaster.pid file:
[root@p1 home]# cat postmaster.pid 
  5432001   3932161
New Postmaster.pid file After started postgres server:
[root@p1 data]# cat postmaster.pid
  5432001   3964929


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