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PostgreSQL Interview Q & A For Experience -1

1.what is ur roles and responsibilites?

2.Are you facing any critical issues?
 you can tell some postgres errors 

3.you  are in support,the client send to ticket it an critical issue,what u do?

4.how do you  manage the seviarity  issues?
first i will infrom to my team leader if im team leader means i will inform my client after that i will find out issues and i will fix it with my team members

5.ITIL(infrastructre library)
Information Technology Infrastructure Library

6.how many servers are u having?
 it is  depend on your environment,our environment is maintaining 12 server
2 for production
4 for testing
2 for developing
2 fro application
2 for slave(replication)

7.what ur team size?
mostly team size will be 4 to 8 members.

8.any issues face on application side?
If you faced any errors in application side you can tell with solution

9.what is backup stargeies?how many time's to take full database backup and cluster also?
daily taking basebaackup,if client request to taking particular objects means i will use pg_dump,pg_dumpall is useed taking full cluser backup.

10.A query is slow,what things u doing?
i will follow this below step for if query is slow

-- To check long running queries:-

postgres=# select datname,pid,query_start,state,query from pg_stat_activity ;
postgres=# select datname,pid,query_start,state,query from pg_stat_activity where query like '%copy%';                          
TO check that table whether having any index or not  and check the index status for index is properly working or not
--to checking table index:

postgres=# select relname,indexrelname,indexrelid from pg_stat_all_indexes where indexrelid=24700;
 relname | indexrelname | indexrelid 
 k       | production   |      24700    
--check the index is valid or not and check the index is alive or not

postgres=# select indexrelid,indislive,indisvalid from pg_index where indexrelid=24700;
 indexrelid | indislive | indisvalid 
      24700 | t         | t
(1 row)                                       
--Checking the tables dead tubles and analyze (find out the fragmentation)

postgres=# select relname,last_vacuum,n_dead_tup,last_analyze from pg_stat_all_tables where relname='k';
 relname | last_vacuum | n_dead_tup | last_analyze 
 k       |             |       8192 |                                       
--analyze and vaccum the table(update the current status to optimizer)

postgres=# analyze  k;     
postgres=# vacuum k ;
11.any migration what is the step's?

12.what is connection pooling in bgbouncer?
Pg_bouncer -It is a connection purposes between Postgres Server and appliaction.
Pg_pool  -Maintain cache information o f connection information

13.what is SLA 
Service Level Aggrement - Som Agreement between client and company for projects


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