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PostgreSQL Create Linux Virtual Machine on Vmware Workstation Example With Screenshot

Step 1.Start the New Virtual Machine Wizard.
When you start VMware Workstation, you can open an existing virtual machine or create a new one. Choose File > New > New Virtual Machine to begin creating your virtual machine.

Step 2.The New Virtual Machine Wizard presents you with a series of screens that you navigate using the Next and Prev buttons at the bottom of each screen. At each screen, follow the instructions, then click Next to proceed to the next screen.

Step 3.Select The ISO image from our host here i am selected Oracle EnterpriseLinux machine

Step 4.Here Virual Machine Wizard Shows as Selected iso is Oracle Enterprise Linux

Step 5.Give the virtual machine name and viraual machine Location

Step 6.Provide virtual machine Disk size

Step 7.click the Finish button 

Step 8.then it shows virtual machine installing wizard 

Step 9.provide Linux Hostname

Step 10.Provide root password 

Step 11.click customize later the click 'next' then click 'next' Untill installing

Step 12.next installing will be take just 15 minute

Step 13.click 'forward' then click the service aggrement

Step 14.Disable the Firewall & selinux then reboot the system

Step 15 .Install the virtual machine tools and reboot the virtual machine using 'init 6' command


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