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11gr2 software installation errors and solutions

"error code 35" : The machine name in the "/etc/hosts" file is not correct. It needs an entry for the loopback adapter
(localhost) and the machine name. If you are using DNS for name resolution,
you still need the loopback adapter reference in this file.

"error code 37" : The DNS not working properly. You may also get this error is the
"/etc/hosts" file is not configured correctly.

"sqlplus: error while loading shared libraries: libclntsh.so.11.1" : The prerequisites 
have not been met. Work through them again. Specifically, make sure the "gcc" package
has been installed.

Listener fails to start - Typically this is due to incorrect name resolution.
Make sure the "/etc/hosts" and/or DNS is configured correctly.

Linking errors - Almost always due to missing prerequisites. Review the setup sections.


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